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Large format digital printing - Serveis - Grafic Visual

Large format digital printing

We have the latest in advanced printing machinery and technology.
-Ecological environmental friendly printing with new generation  latex  inks, which
help  to reduce the impact on the environment  but also achieve maximum quality and speed in printing.
Quality Printing on adhesive vinyls,   sheeting,   vinyl  micro- perforates,  textile 
materials,  recyclable and  biodegradable  material and  special synthetic materials, Large format digital printing with  inkjet  technology and  ecosolvent inks and UVI.
High quality Photographic and Works of Art  reproduction,  on materials such as canvas, art papers ÒhanemollerÓ and ÒcansonÓ special photographic papers...
We are equipped with a set of machinery which adapts to all production and finish
Width of  printing materials;  from 60 cm,  up to 260 cm.
We produce all types of  Finish:  laminates ,  rigid- board support ,double-sided  plastic film,   moulded  frames...

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